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Thursday, February 17, 2005

More odometer-gazing

My odometer has been clicking through an interesting range. Ever since it hit 1453, the Fall of Constantinople, I've been tracking its progression through European history. We've passed Columbus's sailing of the ocean blue (1492), Martin Luther's 95 theses (1517), and the invincible Spanish Armada (1588; warning: boats and invincibility do not go well together). Since hitting the mile mark (1609), we've made our way through various English Civil Wars and reached the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) on the continent. So many memories, and so many more coming. The Glorious Revolution! The War of Spanish Succession!

What's kept the odometer moving? Much of the credit goes to google, yahoo, altavista, et al. They've been bringing in people with searches for everything from blargh to (as I noted below) kanye west everyone wants to know what's he do if he doesn't win well I guess they'll never grammys . I've won a spot on the first page for both of those searches, and also, inexplicably, for the search pluralistic society . I've also suckered in a variety of people with Blink-related searches, like Gottman thin slices, CEO height tall bias OR advantage "57 " , and vic braden blink double faults. Naive realism brings in a steady trickle of eyeballs. Yes, a steady trickle of eyeballs. A variety of searches bring people to the Island of Truth and Lies story (which I may someday finish), including this one: truthtellers and liars puzzles from the act of creation. Perfect haircuts also attract a tiny crowd, with search terms ranging from my perfect haircut to short asymmetrical haircuts. And we can't forget about Carnies.

Here are some more winning search terms:

- zoologists

- mole right middle finger

- stick avalanche number 2 [yahoo canada]

- cult of victimhood pervades through western society

- rudolph the red nose reindeer + psychology(gay)

- Count to 132 in binary on your fingers

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UPDATE 2/24: Someone found this website by searching for memodome! I'm adding a "words you can use" feature to the sidebar in celebration.


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