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Friday, December 03, 2004


Pardon my odometer-gazing, but my StatCounter © has informed me that the Blargh Blog has passed two remarkable milestones.

- Millenium: If it was getting one page view a year, my blog would have had to exist for over a millenium to get this many views.

- Feet: I can no longer count the number of page loads on my hands. Using binary, I can count up to 1023 without any tricks (no half-raising a finger or crossing fingers or anything like that). Make two fists to get 0. Raising your right pinkie adds 1, raising your right ring finger adds 2, raising your right middle finger adds 4, your right index finger adds 8, ... , and your left pinkie adds 512. So you get 1023 when you raise all your fingers (that's 1,111,111,111 in binary), and any number between 0 and 1023 by raising the right combination of fingers. (Warning: use discretion when counting 4, 128, or 132 among polite company.) Now I suppose that I have to move on to my feet. If I can get my toes flexible enough to raise and lower each one independently of the others, then I could count over a million without going beyond my appendages.


At December 04, 2004 5:33 AM, Blogger Richard said...


(Nice counting trick, btw, I'd never thought of that before. Over 1000 finger-combinations... Quite remarkable.)


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