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Monday, February 14, 2005

West Wins

Kanye West won 3 Grammys out of 10 nominations, with The College Dropout getting the Grammy for rap album and Jesus Walks taking the Grammy for rap song. I posted here on the success that Kanye's religious-minded song has received. I even left a comment last month at Passion for Fairness to see what they thought of his success (is Jesus Walks the kind of religious work that they want to see rewarded by the entertainment establishment?), but I have not received a reply.

In related news, someone came to my blog with the search term kanye west everyone wants to know what's he do if he doesn't win well I guess they'll never grammys. All I know about this is what I read in the Washington Post, which describes West's acceptance speech as follows:

Then, switching from solemn to sly: "Everybody wanted to know what I'd do if I didn't win." West lifted his trophy in the air and struck a cool pose, enjoying the suspense. "I guess we'll never know!"


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