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Friday, February 25, 2005

Hip Hop Blogs

Josh Levin has a half-serious Slate piece that includes the following fun quiz: Rapper or Blogger?

1. Uggabugga
2. Mad Kane
3. Big Noyd
4. Justus League
5. Uppity Negro
6. Little Brother
7. Cold Fury
8. South Knox Bubba

(Answers are upside down on p. 54)

This little quiz, of course, is proof that rappers and bloggers were "separated at birth," which puts bloggers in good company. Others who were separated at birth from rappers include toiletries (consider "All Fresh"), entries on U.S. government terrorist watch list (consider "Black Star"), paint colors (consider "Corinthian"), and gay rights advocacy groups (consider "Stonewall"). On the list of notable separated-at-birth pairs, see also music groups and pre-1900 American political parties (consider "The Locofocos"), death metal albums and Hardy Boys novels (consider "Edge of Destruction"), and porn actors and local TV weathermen (consider "Stephen Cropper").

Despite his seemingly overwhelming evidence*, I think that Levin's claim that bloggers are just like rappers is a bit of a stretch. I mean, rappers are obviously dog people and bloggers are cat people. But his article does give me a chance to point out some of the REAL hip hop blogs. Check out this hard core template style feud (be sure to read the comments). And peep Hip Hop Blogs, who totally came up with this idea before Levin did.

Quiz Answers
Bloggers: 1, 2, 5, 7, 8
Rappers: 3, 4 (group), 6 (group)

If I were Josh, I would have included a group blog or two (maybe The Volokh Conspiracy) to balance out the rap groups.

*If I were seriously interrogating this issue, like a bonified internet journalist, then I would mention some of Levin's serious evidence. But instead I'll just fill my post with links and witty banter and leave you with these words:

Rock helped influence hip hop, hip hop helped influence the world - DJ Jazzy Jay

On behalf of the entire "Mainstream Media," Howard Fineman has surrendered to Blogonia, and Giblets, its cruel and unyielding Blogarch, accepts! ... Truly blogs are truly the ascendent masters of media discourse! -


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