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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rabble Rousers

The MSM is at it again. If you pay attention, you'll realize that just about everything they do can be explained by their their overwhelming hatred of George W. Bush. It was bad enough in September, when they intentionally downplayed the violence and disorder of the crowds in New Orleans in order to hide the difficulties that FEMA faced in rescuing the "victims", with the goal (as usual) of making it look like it was All Bush's Fault. This time it's worse. Much worse.

Under the guise of a defense of "free expression", liberal newspapers throughout the United States have been eagerly reprinting the offensive cartoons of Mohammed that brought much of the Islamic world to riots. Apparently they thought that the radical clerics could use a hand in distributing the cartoons to the increasingly outraged Muslim public, so they've been feeding the frenzy by emblazoning the images across the front page of their papers. In order to get another chance to tell anyone who will listen (and why is anyone still listening?) that Bush's evil wars and "occupation" are breeding hatred in the Islamic world, they're riling up the Muslim street and goading them on to violence. I don't know how they sleep at night, as mobs riot, embassies burn, and people die. As long as they can cuddle up with their It's All Bush's Fault blankies, it would appear that they sleep like babies, or at least petulant toddlers.


At February 26, 2006 4:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. An interesting perspective, I'll give you that.

Seems odd though, that the usual suspects who scream about media hatred of Bush are the ones who are actually reprinting the cartoons obsessivly, and criticizing the MSM for NOT standing up sufficiently for free-speech.

Oh well, takes all perspectives, I guess.


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