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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Note To Our Readers

Things are going to be less busy here for the next week or so on account of things being more busy elsewhere. But have no fear, my loyal readers*, because once that week is over I will lead this blog on a fresh course to greater things. By blogging more in accordance with my comparative advantage I will increase the quality to quantity ratio of this blog. Among the improvements that you can expect to see in the coming weeks are:

- More stories
- More philosophy
- Less politics
- The end of intermission and the continuation of the tale of The Island of Truth and Lies
- An expanded roll of recommended blogs
- A handy categorization scheme to make it easier both to find old posts that interest you and to figure out what I'm talking about in my new posts

There may even be more interactive participation, though I won't include this improvement in my official list because those little dashes represent my personal guarantee.

I am sure that, whatever else is happening in your life, you are giddy with anticipation for the new, improved, reformulated, reenergized, recalibrated reemergence of the Blargh Blog.


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