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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Wolves & Piñatas

Does anyone else remember that old SNL commercial from around the time of the NAFTA vote with this crazy Mexican guy saying that you should support NAFTA because it would bring all sorts of goodies to him down in Mexico, as if they were spilling from a piñata that represents the US? And then there was a competing ad, with a sober, well-dressed gentleman saying that the piñata ad was just some underhanded, baseless propaganda from people who opposed NAFTA? So, you ended up not being sure of who was behind what ads?

That's what came to mind when I saw this website claiming that the Wolfpack supports John Kerry for President. Are the wolves really as peaceful and misrepresented as they claim to be? Or, are they just trying to get you to vote for Kerry because of course the wolves would want to have Kerry as our President? Or, are they claiming to support Kerry because they want Bush to get elected, since they're trying to get you to think that, if the wolves want Kerry as President, then Bush must be the better anti-wolf candidate? It all gets so confusing that sometimes I think that it might be easier to just stop worrying about what the wolves think and decide who to vote for based on the candidates' merits.


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