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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Fri-day is Pie-day!!!!!!!!

Friday without pie-blogging is like life without pie: incomplete. Yet Fafblog is sometimes (shall we say) creative about the days of the week. I know, I know, they'll probably just say that pie-blogging transcends days of the week, and that the problem is that I'm imprisoned in linear time. But what can I do? In the past, I would've ended up wandering the internet, searching for pies and pie-blogging. Well not this time! This time, the pie will come to Blar.

Behold! The Escambia County video pie. Oh, some may mock it. Some may call it cheap and unprofessional. Some may say that it was just cooked up by a couple guys in somebody's basement. Some might consider it vague or imprecise. Some might even accuse it of politicizing pie and using that which naturally unites us for petty partisan advantage.

But some cannot appreciate the wonder, the beauty, of the pie. Look at that pie, that pie that was brought to us for the purpose of running for office. Look at that Pie of Democracy, look at it squarely, and tell me that it does not mean anything to you. Can you you cannot. This is the pie of low-budget television, the pi that is used to find the diameter rather than the circumference or area, the pie that does not shout out from its plate "I am pie!" It is a low-key pie, but it loses none of its pieness from standing in front of a whiteboard, held by a man with a dry-erase marker, in the sights of a home video camera, as the pie that everyone must like. You may call it a sell-out to the poorly financed establishment, but you cannot call it less of a pie. It represents all that is pie, all that is American, and all that we love. It is irresistable.


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