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Monday, September 06, 2004

The Corrections

This important correction comes from Matthew Yglesias, who writes:

Contrary to what I've previously written, it is not the case that the Bush administration scuttled an anti-proliferation treaty in order to make it easier for Pakistan to enhance its nuclear arsenal.

Printing this correction does not imply that I should be held accountable for Matt's original statement or other statements made by people on my blogroll. Indeed, the folks on my blogroll seem to be contradicting each other all the time. I'll take this opportunity to print the two-pronged Blargh Blog corrections policy:

  1. Any individual or organization engaged in public discussion, such as a newspaper, a TV show, or a blogger, has an obligation to truth. They should be held accountable for their statements, attempt not to make false or misleading statements, and correct any false statements of theirs that come to light. Whenever possible the correction should be attached to the original statement, and, if the error is not merely peripheral or incidental, it should receive a level of coverage at least as high as the coverage given to the original statement.
  2. Efforts should be made to make the system of public discussion spread truth rather than falsehood.

This correction falls under the second prong of my policy, which deals with furthering community goals rather than personal standards & accountability.

Update: Matt has now (partially?) retracted his correction, noting that the original source for his claim actually does contend that "Pakistani (and Israeli) objections were one of several factors in play."


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