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Saturday, July 09, 2005


London may have been a strategic error for the terrorists.

Think about it. You can't spread terror to London. Londoners don’t panic. They have that British humour and the stiff upper lip (some are tired of that description, but I can’t get enough of these).

What's more, England is the bridge between the Europe and the US. Everyone sympathizes with them.

The timing makes it even worse. The attack happened when the world was united around London – newly announced home of the 2012 Olympics, host of the G-8 summit that is increasing aid to Africa.

Attacking on the seventh of July was their biggest mistake. There will be no jokes from Europeans about “what happened on the ninth of October?”, no 11-M in the home nation while Americans stick to 3/11. This attack was 7/7 for everybody.


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