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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fray Tormenta

In lighter, more heartwarming news, here's the story of a Mexican preist who wrestled professionally under the name Fray Tormenta in order to have enough money to take care of 80 kids at the orphanage he founded (picture of him in his wrestling mask here).

A chance encounter with a street urchin, sleeping rough under a bridge in Veracruz, moved Father Sergio to ask his superiors' permission to found an orphanage. It was denied. So he left the Scholastic Order and joined the diocese of Texcoco, where the bishop and villagers of Teotihuacan raised funds for Father Sergio's home.

But money was always running out. No child was ever turned away, even when Father Sergio had no idea where the next meal would come from.

"I became a professional wrestler because I had a cause. If it weren't for my children, there would have been no reason to fight," he explains.


It was easy to conceal his true identity. Mexico, he says, is a country of masks. "Whether out of fear or self-protection, we rarely present our true face to the world. Mexicans are secretive by nature. Our formality is a shield against scrutiny. We use masks all the time."

Via Liz Goss.


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