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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Extended Blogroll

Matthew Yglesias as himself
Matthew Yglesias is still himself
Obsidian Wings starring Edward, Hilzoy, Sebastian Holsclaw, and Von, and Slartibartfast, and Charles Bird
Crooked Timber starring various
Political Animal starring Kevin Drum
Ezra Klein is Ezra Klein
Tapped by various
Battlepanda starring Angelica
Dadahead is the Dadahead
The Reality-Based Community featuring Mark Kleiman and colleagues
Bradford Plumer aka Brad Plumer
Democracy Arsenal starring various
Left2Right with various contributors
Michael Bérubé starring Michael Bérubé
Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal starring Brad DeLong

Rightish & Libertarianish
Agoraphilia starring Glen Whitman and Tom Bell
Unqualified Offerings with Jim Henley
The Volokh Conspiracy starring Volokh, et al.
Right Reason starring various
The Fly Bottle starring Will Wilkinson
Happiness and Public Policy also starring Will Wilkinson
Positive Liberty starring Jason Kuznicki, and now with Ed Brayton, Jonathan Rowe, and Timothy Sandefur
OxBlog starring Patrick Belton and David Adesnik

Social Scientifical
Edge* with a new host each month
Mixing Memory featuring Chris
Cognitive Science Reading Group orchestrated by Chris
Cognitive Daily by the Mungers
Happiness and Public Policy starring Will Wilkinson
Marginal Revolution starring Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok
Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal starring Brad DeLong
This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology & Economics starring Grant McCracken

Philosophy, et cetera starring Richard Chappell
The Ethical Werewolf featuring Neil Sinhababu
Meaning of Life TV* starring Robert Wright, et al.
Fake Barn Country starring Brown people
PEA Soup starring various
Desert Landscapes brought to you by University of Arizona
Certain Doubts starring Jon Kvanvig and friends
Orange Philosophy by the people of Syracuse University
Left2Right with various contributors
Philosophers' Carnival starring You?
Enwe's Meta-Blog by Enwe
Philosophical Weblogs* written by David Chalmers

Literal-Minded starring Neal Whitman
Language Log by Mark Liberman, Geoffrey Pullum, and colleagues
The Maven's Word of the Day* from the people who brought you Random House

Fafblog!! starring Fafnir, Giblets, and Medium Lobster
The Onion* as itself
The Daily Show* with Jon Stewart

Blog Maverick starring Mark Cuban, TV's The Benefactor
Football Outsiders* starring Aaron Schatz, et al.
The Sports Economist starring Skip Sauer
Sabernomics featuring JC

Similarly Named
blarblog starring Zeke
Blaahg by S
the art of blar starring Jonelin
Blargh! © Meg Hopper
The Blarg featuring Nathan118
What the Blar starring Kylie
eweeee whoooo blar! (the emu comes crashing down) starring miichan00
Blar kat! starring Mike
Blar! starring Michelle
The Blargh starring Brooke

Possessing Excellent Taste in Blogs
age of dissent starring xpyre
Dialectic of the University of Newcastle Philosophy Club
E. G. starring David
Majikthise starring Lindsay Beyerstein
Epideixis boasting the contributions of MH, Samuel Douglas, and Rowan Blyth
Scottish Nous starring Scott Hagaman
Mixing Memory (the reading group) by Chris

More More More
Arts & Letters Daily* produced by Denis Dutton
Blog Bites

*Warning: Not a Blog!


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