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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Who am I?

I imagine, my readers*, that some of you may want to know who I am. So here is a brief summary:

-I go by Blar.

-Things I am in favor of include freedom, democracy, life, health, family, knowledge, progress, happiness, choice, pie, and friendship.

-Things I am opposed to include slavery, torture, suffering, tyranny, slander, terrorism, strife, incompetence, murder, and injustice.

Obviously, this is not a complete summary of my views and their interrelationships. It is a brief summary. But more will come.

If you** are not satisfied with this little description of what I stand for and this promise of more to come, and you just want to know which of the 6 billion people on this Earth is me, I'll give you half the answer. I am male. That eliminates about half of the people who are not me from the list of suspects. Now you just have to eliminate the other half.

*Assuming that such creatures exist

**In the interest of fluency of writing, from here on I'll assume that this term does have a referent.


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